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  1. #19 *Sim owner/ breeder’s (full name, please) NAME: Crystal Glasswing *Sim/parcel’s NAME: Dezerin Breedables *PARCEL SIZE (# of prims): 5400 *SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Magix/7/192/3502
  2. Lamia Starspears Live Patron Sunday, March 8 at 1:30pm SLT Only at E&S Breedables!! ~Dragon Wings Bai'! ~Craved Snowflake Comeback Red ~Plaid Blanket Mini Stud! ~Full Star Night/Star Bright Eye Collection ~March Craved Maker Preggos! ~New Starter K9s and Traits! ~Limited Editions! ~SIBLING SETS! ~HUGE Bundle, Kennel, Nest and Basket Boxes! ~Gachas New and Old! ~Preggo Mares and Breeding Pairs! Prizes to win and gifts for everyone! Hope to see you there! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Miniconjou/18/40/25
  3. [ATTACH type=full]511._xfImport[/ATTACH]
  4. Oh Hi Snookie :P [media=giphy]3oxRmGXbquXKz6DNPq[/media]
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  5. #5 SIM Owner: Snookie *Sim Parcel: E&S Breedables *Parcel SIZE: Full Region *SURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Miniconjou/68/217/27
  6. #4 *SIM Owner: Josaphine Cooperstone *Sim Parcel: Nest Egg Ancient Isle *Parcel SIZE: Full Region *SURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The Ancient Isle/229/215/21
  7. #3 *SIM Owner: Josaphine Cooperstone *Sim Parcel: Nest Egg Chinchilla *Parcel SIZE: Full Region *SURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The Chinchilla Isle/26/218/24
  8. **APPLICATION ARE NOW LOCKED. ALL SPOTS HAVE BEEN FILLED! ♥** Our 21st AMOC BunKenNestKet Hunt will begin on Friday, December 6th at 2 PM (SLT) and end on Sunday, December 8th at 10 AM (SLT). If you would like to be a host sim or parcel in this hunt: Copy the information below with an asterisk * Paste it into the ‘reply to’ area at the bottom of this page Fill in the necessary information Click submit! *Sim owner/ breeder’s (full name, please) NAME: *Sim/parcel’s NAME: *PARCEL SIZE (# of prims): *SLURL: Applications will be limited to 20 Sims. IMPORTANT: If entering the hunt a donation of bundles/kennels/nests/baskets is mandatory. If your parcel is more than half a sim to a FULL (10,000 – 30,000 prims) sim we are requiring a minimum donation of 100 bundles/kennels or nests. If your parcel is a homestead sim or less than half a full sim (under 10,000 prims) we require a minimum donation of 50 bundles, kennels, nests or baskets. We will keep track of how many donations are made via the donation boxes we have out at your sim should you choose to participate. *PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU HAVE AUTO RETURN ON WE ASK THAT YOU DISABLE IT FOR THE DURATION OF THE HUNT AS ONLY AMOC GROUP MEMBERS WILL BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE, WE ALSO REQUIRE SCRIPTS TO BE TURNED ON FOR EVERYONE ON THE PARCEL – THESE STEPS SHOULD BE TAKEN NO LATER THAN THE THURSDAY BEFORE THE HUNT STARTS.*
  9. Wild Hair: Cheetah Coat - Appreciation [ATTACH]341._xfImport[/ATTACH]
  10. [ATTACH]252._xfImport[/ATTACH]
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