Hey Everyone!

I am happy to announce our brand new website! – The Mystical Amaretto Family.

Why the new name you ask? Well.. we all know Mysticals are on the way so I thought it was a good time to do a much-needed upgrade and change.

We have brought back the auction-schedule. After many months without one, it is finally back! There are currently only a few auctions up there as I have added the ones I was 100% sure on. If you want to apply to have your auctions put up there, please check out the instructions on our auction schedule page HERE

Please take the time to check around the site and the new forums. If you previously registered on The Amaretto Family forums, your account is available on the new forum. All details were moved.

We have a brand new sign out for the new site and schedule so please remove the old Amaretto family sign and put the new Mystical Amaretto family sign out. You will need to visit the new LM (HERE) to buy the sign for 0L$.

If you have any questions about the new format please message me in-world or on our forums @ Bazza Banana.


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