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    Coveted Circlet - Cosmic k9
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    #10 *Sim owner/ breeder’s (full name, please) NAME: Draelle Chandler *Sim/parcel’s NAME: Sirens Hollow an Amaretto Breedables & Mystical Creatures World *PARCEL SIZE (# of prims): 30k *SLURL:http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sea Crest/41/121/23
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    Independence Day Random Drops [2021]

    Independence Reins ~ yay ~ ;]
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    Saddle Style: Dressage Saddle Color: Alive WTG Sandy (sandy69.bing)! Saddle Style: Dressage Saddle Color: Queen of Hearts WTG Lanna Gurbux-Darkwatch (lanna.christie)!
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